America’s Cup Park n Ride
Hosted By: ACBDA
26 May 2017 - 01 July 2017
Multiple Venues

If you are driving your car to the America’s Cup Village, pre-book your parking here. Park n Ride is charged per car, and includes your return shuttle service for everyone in your car within the one price. When you book, please specify how many people will be in your car. We encourage you to carpool to save money, reduce congestion and be more eco-friendly.

The closest parking is at Boaz Island and when that is full, you will be automatically booked in to the next closest parking area in Somerset Village at Warren Simmons field. Shuttle service is available to and from each area, by a combination of minibuses and ferries, on a 15-minute loop. Car parks will open from 10.30am, and shuttles will begin from 10.45am until approximately 1 hour after the America’s Cup Village has closed.

Your car should be removed each day at the end of the event, but if you’re unable to drive home for whatever reason, you MUST remove your car by 9.30am the following morning, to clear the way for the day’s traffic. If not, your vehicle will be towed, and charges may accrue.  

Important: Private cars have limited access to Dockyard on America’s Cup race days after 10.30am without accreditation. This measure is in place due to limited parking in Dockyard, and to prevent major congestion in and around Dockyard. Non-accredited vehicles will be turned back at Grey’s Bridge, just after Boaz Island. So if you want to travel by car, you must use the Park n Ride Program. Access accreditation for Dockyard businesses and residents can be applied for here:

What you can take to the America's Cup Village:
Like every international sporting event, people and bags will be screened upon entering the America’s Cup Village. For safety and other reasons, you are limited in what you can and can't carry with you. The lighter you travel, the faster you'll go through the screening process.

There are some things you’re encouraged to bring and other things that are forbidden.

The America’s Cup is a sustainable event and you’re encouraged to carry a water bottle to refill at the hydration stations. No single use plastic bottles are allowed though!

What NOT to take:
What might seem normal for a day out in Bermuda may not be allowed in the America's Cup Village, for instance, no chairs or folding seats, no coolers, no food or beverages, no luggage, no bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards, scooters, wheeled footwear (including children’s shoes) or any other motorised or non-motorised vehicles. Baby carriages are permitted. Please note the restriction on camera lens size.
The full list of prohibited items can be found here, please read through it carefully, you will find it at the bottom of the page. It is important that you do not carry these items because they will be permanently taken from you at the entrance. To avoid disappointment or frustration, travel light and share this information with others.


Park n Ride is for cars only – for bikes, there is free parking at the Transport Hub, on Cochrane Road, from which you can walk to the America’s Cup Village.