America's Cup Village Ferry
26 May 2017 - 27 June 2017
America's Cup Village Ferry

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How To Book Your Ferry!

1) Select your departure point – Hamilton, St. George’s (weekends only) or the America’s Cup Village

2) Select your destination

3) Select your date of travel

4) Select your departure time from the available scheduled runs

5) If you want a return journey back, tick the “Return Tickets” box

6) Select your return journey time from the available scheduled runs

7) Add how many tickets you want for each run, even if it’s the same both ways

8) Click Add to Cart

10) Once you checkout, make sure you either store your ticket electronically, or print and take it with you!

IMPORTANT – We expect a high demand for ferries and therefore booked tickets are only valid for your selected times and dates. If you miss the ferry you will need to purchase a new ticket! So please be early to the dock for your departure!


Dedicated Event Ferries direct to the America's Cup!


The fastest and easiest way to get to the America's Cup Village is the dedicated America’s Cup ferry from Hamilton Ferry Terminal, to and from the America’s Cup Village.

This involves the least amount of walking, it’s the coolest option and it’s more eco-friendly!   

On weekends, dedicated direct America’s Cup ferries are also available from and back to St. George’s.

Make sure you pre-book both the departure AND your return ticket times, to make sure you've secured your ride. Your tickets are ONLY valid on your scheduled departure times!

If you're driving into Hamilton to catch the ferry, we recommend parking in Bull's Head Car Park for all day parking for $5 Monday to Saturday (normal payment arrangements).

IMPORTANT: Sailing is by nature unpredictable. In the event that racing is delayed or additional races are added in extending the race period, then the ferry schedule for runs departing from the America's Cup will also be delayed by the same timeframe, in order to make sure that you can watch the races.

What you can take to the America's Cup Village:
Like every international sporting event, people and bags will be screened upon entering the America’s Cup Village. For safety and other reasons, you are limited in what you can and can't carry with you. The lighter you travel, the faster you'll go through the screening process.

There are some things you’re encouraged to bring and other things that are forbidden.

The America’s Cup is a sustainable event and you’re encouraged to carry a water bottle to refill at the hydration stations. No single use plastic bottles are allowed though!

What NOT to take:
What might seem normal for a day out in Bermuda may not be allowed in the America's Cup Village, for instance, no chairs or folding seats, no coolers, no food or beverages, no luggage, no bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards, scooters, wheeled footwear (including children’s shoes) or any other motorised or non-motorised vehicles. Baby carriages are permitted. Please note the restriction on camera lens size.
The full list of prohibited items can be found here, please read through it carefully, you will find it at the bottom of the page. It is important that you do not carry these items because they will be permanently taken from you at the entrance. To avoid disappointment or frustration, travel light and share this information with others.